PPCP proudly services both unique and specialized fields of medicine. Each compound can be customized to meet your needs in a wide variety of fields.

Andropause Therapy

Commonly called “Male Menopause”, andropause therapy is related to decreasing levels of testosterone or increasing levels of estrogen. Typically, symptoms include decreased libido, impotence, decreased muscle mass and strength, osteoporosis, heart disease, stamina, sleep disorders, mood changes, depression and anxiety. Restoring balance is critical in renewing vitality. Common practices restore balance using testosterone injections; however, this is not always the best option because every person is different. Our pharmacy can customize therapy treatments in all forms ranging from topical applications such as creams, gels and lotions. Ask today how customized natural hormone therapy can help you return natural balance.

Biocosmetics/Skin Rejuvenation

From day one our skin begins to age. Recent research identifies several factors that cause wrinkling and loss of elasticity of the skin. Some of these include common products like soap and detergents while others include stress, fatigue, and environmental irritants such as the sun, wind, and cold. Using a custom-tailored compound unique to your skin type allows the compounding pharmacy to prepare an exclusive formulation that helps to rejuvenate your skin one day at a time. This includes sunscreen, moisturizers, and wrinkle creams.

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement (BHRT)

BHRT is often used for menopausal symptoms, which can include hot flashes, low libido, vaginal dryness, weight gain, irritability, sleep disturbances, and mood changes. The common route to treat menopause and protect against osteoporosis used synthetic or animal produced estrogen. Some may experience acceptable results. However, every woman is different and unique, the value of customized bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is critical in restoring balance. Bio-identical hormones prepared by a compound pharmacy are plant derived hormones that are biologically identical to those naturally occurring in women. Hormones are available in different strengths and dosage forms such as capsules, topical creams and gels, suppositories, sublingual troches, and lozenges. With help from a doctor and a compounding pharmacist, a woman can begin a bio-identical hormone replacement regimen designed for her distinctive needs.

Customized Dosage Forms

Unique medicine made for an individual is a compounding pharmacy’s area of expertise. We specialize in helping people who have difficulty taking medications, or those who do not respond favorably to commercially available products. Customizing strengths or making a medication free of preservatives or dyes are all possible from a compounding pharmacy. A patient’s physician and pharmacists can prepare an individualized system which will help improve compliance.


The ability to create custom strengths of medication free of dyes and preservatives into capsule form are available. Capsules also come in flavors such as: mint, bubble gum, orange, grape, strawberry and lime. The ability to combine multiple medications into a single dosage or make lactose free products and oil filled capsules is also a possibility.

Dental Compounding

Dental practitioners with the help of a compounding pharmacist have the ability to prepare a custom medication or dosage form for any patient. Such compounds for procedural anxiety, pain relief, crown preparations, dry socket, fluoride treatments, gum disease, plaque removal, ulcers, canker sores, and tooth whitening are available. Medications are available in many dosage forms and flavors to suit each patient’s individual need.


Compounding pharmacists have access to many flavors and combinations of flavors which enhance taste and color making it easier to swallow. Not only is flavoring great for children but adults and animals as well. Medicine does not have to taste bad. Here are just some of the 100+ flavors that are available for people and animals. Strawberry Banana Bubble Gum Butterscotch Raspberry Banana-crème Chocolate Licorice Grape Cinnamon Lime Crème DeMenthe Marshmallow Pina Colada Lemon Tangerine Tutti Frutti Peppermint Wild Cherry.

Impotence Compounding Therapy

Erectile dysfunction (ED), experts have estimated that erectile dysfunction affects 30 million men in the United States. Many of these men approximately 90% go untreated due to resistance to see a doctor. Compounding has many different options to offer for this condition. From rapid release dissolvable tablets and under the tongue troches which provide more rapid results with the use of less active ingredients which is effective in cutting the expense of the medication.


Helps keep the drug in the mouth when local action is needed. When placed under the tongue the medication enters the bloodstream quickly and easily. A pleasant flavor can be added making them great for geriatric and pediatric patients.

Oral Delivery Systems

Such things as flavored lollipops, chewable gummies, pacifiers and baby bottles make for great alternatives for all ages to receive medication accurately.

Pain Management Compounding

For chronic pain problems like arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraine headaches, nerve and muscle pain, a compounding pharmacy can help. For situations where a nasal spray for migraines or a topical gel or cream for arthritis is a possible effective relief solution; a compounding pharmacy can formulate a medication with potentially fewer side effects and less overall medication.

Pediatric Compounding

Through the use of unique dosage forms, strength variations and flavoring options offers a vast variety of relief of such symptoms as: pain relief, respiratory disorders, oral thrush, diabetes, head lice, diaper rash, skin disorders and reflux are able to be treated. With the use of such things as medicated lollipops, gummies, lozenges and pacifiers the correct dosage and flavor are able to be formulated for any child to make giving medications easier.

Powder Insufflators

These are devices that deliver extremely fine powder to the ears, nose, throat or wound. Powder insufflators offer rapid onset and minimize adverse reactions due to the small and accurate dose that can be delivered.

Sports Medicine/ Physical Therapy Compounding

In athletes wanting to perform at their optimum performance, aches, strains, and pains are very common. With the help of a physician or trainer a compound pharmacy has the ability to help with many conditions that often affect our performance such as inflammation, join pain, swelling and muscle pain. Whether you are a pro athlete or a weekend warrior, there are compounds that can be used. The benefits of compounds are the unique dosage forms which allow for topical and rapid delivery avoiding many side effects.


For people who have difficulty taking medication orally compounded suppositories are a great option. Suppositories can be used rectally, vaginally or in the urethra allowing for the medication to pass quickly into the bloodstream and avoid the gastrointestinal system. They are often used for hormone replacement therapy, nausea, hemorrhoids, infections or inflammation.


For patients who have difficulty swallowing pills or tablets, the ability to make a suspension is a great treatment option. The taste of the commercially available liquid may be intolerable for the patient. This is when a compound pharmacy is able to add flavors and natural sweeteners to the medication.


Transdermal medications are applied and absorbed through the skin. They often come in gels, emulsion creams, sprays, and stick applicators for symptoms such as: inflammation, pain management, nausea and vomiting. Transdermals are useful because they avoid drowsiness and stomach upset.

Veterinary Compounding

Animals are an extension of our family. When they are sick, we look for the best treatment options available. Compounds are useful for all types of animals, from elephants to cats and dogs, and even birds and fish, the possibilities for treating our family are endless. Pets are often very particular about taking medication, compounding allows for special flavoring and delivery options that include treats, liquids and topical creams or gels, which are preferred by the animal. Flavors include but are not limited to bacon, chicken, beef, fish, liver, apple, carrot, and cherry.